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eogMetaEdit: date/caption/keyword metadata editor plugin for Eye of Gnome

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eogMetaEdit is a plugin to Eye of Gnome to allow editing the metadata related to image title, date, caption and keywords. (UPDATED: 2012-12-19, 2013-01-03)

I recently scanned over 1000 old family photos and wanted an easy way to step through them and update 1) photo title, 2) photo date, 3) caption and 4) keywords (names, places, etc). I didn’t find any tool I particulary liked so I decided to write my own (as an EoG plugin).

A couple of caveats:

  • This tool modifies the original file. I could have written it to use sidecar files but since it was intended primarily for scanned images (which had no valid data already) and I am diligent about backing up my image files I am OK with modifying the metadata in the originals.
  • The metadata updated was chosen to be compatible with Darktable and Zenfolio.
  • If you modify the metadata with eogMetaData and then import the image to Darktable and export it back to a new file, the metadata as required by Zenfolio will no longer be set. In order to again prep the images for Zenfolio you can step through the newly exported images again with eogMetaEdit with Set default values? checked or you may use Zenify to process them from the command line.

Here’s the plugin in action:

Metadata Editor

The Commit and Revert buttons will be enabled if there are any changes made to the Title, Date, Caption or Keyword fields. If Set default values? is checked default values will be forced on the freshly opened file and, if any changes are needed the Commit and Revert buttons will be enabled.

Here is an example with Set default values? checked. Note that the Title is prefixed with the date (which is what I want when I upload to Zenfolio)

Set Default Values checked

If you try to load a new photo when there are unsaved changes you will be prompted as to whether to save the changes or cancel the new file selection.
The Details view will show what changes will be made to the image if you select Yes.

Unsaved changes dialog

eogMetaEdit Commit will write the following fields in your image file:

Title Exif.Application2.Headline, Exif.Image.ImageDescription, Xmp.dc.title NOTE: The title will be prefixed by Iptc.Application2.DateCreated to allow for sorting on Zenfolio of images with dates prior to 1914.
Date Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal, Exif.Image.DateTimeOriginal, Exif.Photo.DateTimeDigitized, Exif.Image.DateTime, Iptc.Application2.DateCreated, Iptc.Application2.TimeCreated
Caption Exif.Photo.UserComment, Iptc.Application2.Caption, Xmp.dc.description
Keywords Iptc.Application2.Keywords, Xmp.dc.subject

For the above, the tags will be read from the file in the order given and the first valid, non null, entry will be used as the default (i.e. displayed in the form field). Any other valid entries will be available for selection in the pull-down.

Make Exif.Image.Make will be set to “eogMetaEdit” if it is not already set
Model Exif.Image.Model will be set to “eogMetaEdit vX.X” if it is not already set
Removed Xmp.exif.DateTimeOriginal, Xmp.dc.date, Xmp.acdsee.caption

Note, valid date strings are: